Post-democratic, sterilized voting

"Letras Libres" predicts the future of the book; "Arena" explains how Obama's weak political persona makes him a hawk; "Mittelweg 36" diffuses a megabyte bomb; "Lettera internazionale" wants to mobilize the people and (re-)make the world; "Esprit" asks what future for political parties?; in "Blätter", the debate between Habermas and Streeck over democracy and capitalism continues; "Schweizer Monat" calls upon European political culture to snap out of its inferiority complex; "Soundings" probes the roots of the Egyptian coup; "Varlik" soaks up the aftermath of the Gezi Park demonstrations; "Nova Istra" revisits the borderlands of Istria; "Revolver Revue" covers the remarkable reversal in the fortunes of socialist realism; and "Ny Tid" wants cultural journals' role in the public sphere to be acknowledged.

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The Resurrection of Authoritarianism - Democracy and Democratization: The Road Ahead, Three Decades after 1989 - Commemorating the Indian Journal Frontier During These Times

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