Europe's sense of humanity?

"New Humanist" goes up against the emotional barrier around Europe's sense of humanity; "Kulturos barai" raises the crucial questions on Ukraine after Euromaidan; "Blätter" contemplates the world after Snowden; "Merkur" foresees a future of newspapers in both print and pixels; "Arena" questions the logic of the Nobel Committee; "Host" opens a literary can of worms concerning the state of contemporary Czech literature; "Osteuropa" surveys the history of homosexuality and homophobia in eastern Europe; "NZ" critiques the discourse on sexuality in post-glasnost Russia; "Varlik" shows how Deleuze was played out in Gezi Park; "Revista Crítica" takes on the ecological challenges that democracies face globally; "Fronesis" explores the meaning of home and homelessness; and "Esprit" takes stock of world history in a polycentric world.

Ute nå

Transaktivisme og abort, arkitektur og lefsebaking. I den nye utgåva av Syn og Segn er det temasider om arkitektur og byggkvalitet, samtale om sorteringssamfunnet med barnelege Ola Didrik Saugstad, tekstar om einsemd, goth-miljøet og dei kvite flekkane i verdsrommet.

Nyheter fra Eurozine

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